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 One-on-One Street Workshops



For anybody desiring a more personal, hands-on workshop experience, I offer one-on-one workshops for anyone living in the LA area (or visiting). These involve an afternoon together --either Downtown LA or Venice Beach (depending on air quality and/or the participant’s preference).


I will share with you my various approaches and techniques to shooting in the streets as well as giving insight into what it is I’m in search of when shooting on my own; in other words, the elements that I believe make for a compelling photograph.



After shooting together, the student emails me images of their choosing for critiquing. I’m tough but fair! I try to find a balance between being encouraging yet totally honest, so I won’t tear your images apart, but I won’t candy-coat my opinions either. I’m interested in students who are eager to learn, improve, and grow. This only happens when someone is open to criticism and willing to take a long, hard look at where they are in their personal development as a photographer.


1-on-1 workshops run $200. For students interested in continued tutoring, subsequent get-togethers run $150.


For inquiries, I can be reached via the “Contact” page on this website.




Past Workshops/Presentations


I'll be teaching a modified version of my workshop "The iPhone Darkroom" on Saturday, April 22nd as part of the Los Angeles Festival of Photography. I'll be sharing my personal approach to post-processing --how I apply certain techniques, similar to darkroom work, using only a handful of apps to achieve tonally-rich, tactile, ready-to-print images, all from the palm of your hand.

I'll also be stressing the importance of striving to achieve your own personal interpretation of the image, beyond that of the initial, straight-out-of-camera shot.


For more information, click on the link below:






I'll be doing a Photo Walk hosted by the Apple Store at Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

On February, Saturday the 25th (2017) at 1:00 pm. The main focus will be Black-&-White photography,

and I will be demonstrating how to use composition, light, and timing as well as some of my 

favorite apps for getting the job done right.


It will be casual yet informative and hopefully fun! Click on the link below for more info and to RSVP.






Please join me on Saturday February 4th (2017) at noon for a Street Photography Presentation at LACP. I'll be the first of 12 street photographers showing and discussing our work as part of LACP's 3rd-annual Street Week in LA -- a week of street-shooting events such as an exhibit opening, two workshops by well-known street shooters, as well as two days of guest presentations by 12 different street photographers.

For more info, click on the link below. Hope to see you there! 






Street Photography Presentations as part of Street Week LA 2016


Street Photography Presentations as part of LACP's 2nd Annual Street Week in LA, 2016







The Art of Mobile Street PhotographyI'll be teaching a workshop this coming December 12th here in LA. For more info, please go to the LACP website: http://bit.ly/1hk8lLY