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For those outside of the LA area (or in Covid lockdown mode), I'm currently offering various one-on-one lessons via Zoom. This technology allows me to share my computer screen as well as my phone screen with students during the teaching process. I'm currently offering three different lessons to choose from:


Street Photography  (Apps: Hipstamatic, ProCamera, iPhone Native Camera) 

Join me on a virtual photowalk as I share my thought process and personal approach for capturing images in the streets, showing examples of past photoshoots as well as sharing various apps I use to get optimal results. I’ll also be sharing some basic yet indispensable principles that apply to all good photography. 

Creative Composites  (Apps: Snapseed, ImageBlender, Distressed FX) 

Learn to take your mobile imagery to another creative level while exploring and stretching your imagination. I’ll show you how to create fictional “photo sketches” using only a handful of apps, as well as how to alter and heighten the mood and atmosphere of your images. 

Post Processing  (Apps: Snapseed) 

Join me as I give an in-depth tutorial of Snapseed, arguably the most popular and powerful post-processing smartphone app on the market. I’ll be doing a live edit of one of my images, sharing with you my personal approach to B&W processing. Learn how to use this app to its fullest potential, making your images really “pop” and stand apart from the rest.


All online lessons are $50 (1 hour) and purchased through PayPal.

(Once purchased, I can be reached via the “Contact” page on this website to discuss an agreed-upon time and date. )


3 Lesson Options:






In-Person Street Workshops



For anybody desiring a more personal, hands-on workshop experience, I offer one-on-one workshops for anyone living in the LA area (or visiting). These involve an afternoon together, either Downtown LA or Venice Beach (depending on air quality and/or the participant’s preference).

I will share with you my various approaches and techniques to shooting in the streets as well as giving insight into what it is I’m in search of when shooting on my own; in other words, the elements that I believe make for a compelling photograph.The afternoon shoot will be followed by a subsequent Zoom session at another time of the students choosing, allowing for image critiquing and further discussion. 



One-on-one workshops run $200. For students interested in continued study, subsequent get-togethers run $150.

(Once purchased, I can be reached via the “Contact” page on this website to discuss an agreed-upon time and date.)


2 Workshop Options:






Past Workshops/Presentations






Chihuahua, Mexico









Street Photography Presentations as part of LACP's 3rd Annual Street Week.



Street Photography Presentations as part of Street Week LA 2016


Street Photography Presentations as part of LACP's 2nd Annual Street Week in LA.





The Art of Mobile Street PhotographyI'll be teaching a workshop this coming December 12th here in LA. For more info, please go to the LACP website: