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Ralph Gull
Man, let me put it this way : you've got a huge talent. I hope it'll make you feel good, especially because that it's not something I say very often. For instance, I've always thought I didn't love color, but your photos let me see color the way I dreamed to see it : like a special department of... black & white : amazing !
Keep on doing your wonderful thing !
Friendly yours,
Mallik Kovuri(non-registered)
Wow! Totally blown away with the pictures. The B&W ones and in particular, the street theater are awesome. I can see a lot of hard work goes into your work, particularly post production. Would be interested in knowing your work flow. Your compositions are par excellence!
Mike Rooke(non-registered)
David, everything about your work just blows me away! Inspirational creative images. I am enthralled. I'll be watching you carefully to see where you go with this. I've got to find a way to follow!
Nick Brink(non-registered)
David, my friends and employees and I are really enjoying your photos. Quite a different environment than we are accustomed to... the mountains of British Columbia. Cheers.
Remco Monteiro(non-registered)
Stunning pictures! Wonderful processing! Really inspiring. Top quality work.
DAvid Ingraham(non-registered)
Nice pics
Manuel voss(non-registered)
Sorry I missed you at the Perfect Exposure Gallery. I realized once I was there I didnt know what any of the other contributing photographers looked like.
Some really nice work here, feat site.
Mary Weir(non-registered)
So excited to finally see your photography! We have spoken briefly about it and I am sad I was unable to see ur photography in person. Keep on your invite list and I look forward to having an original work in my home!!
Congrats again for your award as well!
Mary Weir
Mark Ingraham(non-registered)
Beautiful and fully-realized. Now you get to push this great gift forward / sideways / back for the next several decades! Never ever stop posting. We're watching.
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