47.Ralph Gull
Man, let me put it this way : you've got a huge talent. I hope it'll make you feel good, especially because that it's not something I say very often. For instance, I've always thought I didn't love color, but your photos let me see color the way I dreamed to see it : like a special department of... black & white : amazing !
Keep on doing your wonderful thing !
Friendly yours,
45.Mallik Kovuri(non-registered)
Wow! Totally blown away with the pictures. The B&W ones and in particular, the street theater are awesome. I can see a lot of hard work goes into your work, particularly post production. Would be interested in knowing your work flow. Your compositions are par excellence!
42.Mike Rooke(non-registered)
David, everything about your work just blows me away! Inspirational creative images. I am enthralled. I'll be watching you carefully to see where you go with this. I've got to find a way to follow!
41.Nick Brink(non-registered)
David, my friends and employees and I are really enjoying your photos. Quite a different environment than we are accustomed to... the mountains of British Columbia. Cheers.
40.Remco Monteiro(non-registered)
Stunning pictures! Wonderful processing! Really inspiring. Top quality work.
39.DAvid Ingraham(non-registered)
Nice pics
38.Manuel voss(non-registered)
Sorry I missed you at the Perfect Exposure Gallery. I realized once I was there I didnt know what any of the other contributing photographers looked like.
Some really nice work here, feat site.
35.Mary Weir(non-registered)
So excited to finally see your photography! We have spoken briefly about it and I am sad I was unable to see ur photography in person. Keep on your invite list and I look forward to having an original work in my home!!
Congrats again for your award as well!
Mary Weir
34.Mark Ingraham(non-registered)
Beautiful and fully-realized. Now you get to push this great gift forward / sideways / back for the next several decades! Never ever stop posting. We're watching.
33.Manuel Voss (emanueljayv)(non-registered)
Hey David,

Just wanted to say hi. Love your work. So sorry I wasn't able to attend your recent talk. I'm only about an hour away and would have loved to attend. Keep up the good work. Kick me an email next time something is going on. I have yet to attend any mobile events and would like to see what I'm missing.
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